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Reformation Press was founded in 1990 to republish Christian literature by Scottish authors. The range of publications now includes new works. The books are in an attractive format and have an enduring relevance to Christians in the 21st century. Reformation Press now offers a range of e-books.

We also produce an attractive range of greetings cards containing texts from the Authorised Version (King James 1611 Version) of the Bible.

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  • The Power of Faith and Prayer
    The Power of Faith & Prayer
    Samuel Rutherford unfolds two great matters wich concern the Christian. [Read more...]
  • The Saviour
    The Saviour
    A rich devotional work consisting of 7 sermons by Dr John Kennedy of Dingwall. [Read more...]
  • Directions for Christians
    Directions for Christians
    This booklet contains a great deal of practical advice for Christians. [Read more...]
  • Scottish Reformation
    The Scottish Reformation
    A comprehensive and readable survey of the events leading to the 1560 Reformation. [Read more...]
  • Unsearchable Riches book cover
    Unsearchable Riches
    A selection of 12 instructive and devotional sermons by a gifted minister of the gospel. [Read more...]

New books

  • The Lord’s Day book cover

    The Lord’s Day

    What does the Bible teach about the Lord’s Day? How should we remember it and keep it holy? [Read more]

  • The Power of Faith and Prayer book cover

    The Power of Faith and Prayer

    Samuel Rutherford’s practical discourse on Christ’s miracle of healing two blind men. [Read more]

  • Meditations on the Lord’s Supper book cover

    Meditations on the Lord’s Supper

    This book contains seventeen beautiful meditations on the sacrament of the Lord’s Supper. [Read more]

  • With an Everlasting Love book cover

    With an Everlasting Love

    Fourteen Christ-centred sermons which are spiritually satisfying and profitable. [Read more]